What I Bring to Your Birth as a Birth Photographer

Birth is a moment that cannot be repeated. These fleeting moments are there and gone quickly… Because of this, I need to be prepared for anything!

Sometimes the lighting is too dark or too bright in a birth space.

Sometimes a shutter on a camera gets stuck or breaks.

Sometimes a memory card reads “error” randomly.

Sometimes a computer crashes.

These are reasons why I have invested in double the equipment.

I’ve got you covered!

When I prepare for a birth, I prepare to capture a moment that cannot be repeated.

That means my gear is top of the line professional. I need two of everything. My business is licensed and insured. The education I have taken for birth photography and videography has prepared me for lighting challenges, thinking on my feet, to adapt easily, editing images, etc.

Right now, I use the Nikon D810 as my main camera body. I always bring my extra Nikon fully charged with me just in case! The lenses I use are all Nikon 85mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4, and 35mm 1.4. These prime lenses are very sharp and gives me room for creativity with the way I shoot. The 35mm is my favorite for births. It is considered a wide angle lens, so I can capture the whole room you are birthing in. Currently, I’m saving for the Nikon 24 1.4 lens! I also bring a speedlight, which is a flash that attaches to my camera. Don’t worry though, I set it up manually so the light is not too bright and I never point it towards people. Personally, I am not a fan of the “flash look” in pictures, so instead I use it to enhance the light already in your birth space to help my camera work better. That means crisper and higher quality images! I still consider myself a natural light photographer, because using natural light is my first priority. However, while documenting a homebirth at 2am is sacred and beautiful, my camera needs light in order to work. It never hurts to have extra tools in your toolbox as I say 😉

Along with those items, I always bring extra batteries and memory cards. My camera is awesome, because it holds two memory cards at once! Just in case one memory card fails, the other is in there with the same images-magic!

After your birth, I go straight home to upload the pictures . I then back your birth images up two ways. I have an external hard drive I upload pictures to and I pay a company monthly to backup my computer hourly in the fabulous mysterious cloud. After that, I head to editing land on my computer, bringing out the best in your birth story.

There are several things that happen “behind the scenes” to make sure your full birth gallery is exceptional and secure.

I do all of this to serve you better.

To be prepared.

Most of all, so you can see your strength and power as a Mother!







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© 2019 Sacred Birth Stories
Designed by Photography Web Designs

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Ashley and Christi want to thank everyone who has supported Sacred Birth Stories. It was truly a pleasure to serve the Kitsap birth community. Ashley has decided to step away from birth photography to focus on her family. For all birth, maternity, or newborn inquiries, please contact Christi at Christi Hunt Photography.